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Any chubby chaser girls out there

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And I am a 'chubby chaser. I suppose it doesn't surprise those of you who have read posts that I've made over the last few months. Now I don't think guys who don't share my values are wrong. We all have our preferences and they are as varied and different as chsser ourselves are.

But I also do not think gir,s my attraction for bigger girls is anything abnormal, nor is it something to be embarrassed. I would go so far as to theorize that I am just hardwired for it. How do we develop these preferences?

any chubby chaser girls out there Is it part of our make up? I think it may be. If that is the case, I was probably destined to be a chubby chaser long before being a chaser of any kind was even on my mind. Just a thought. I like bigger girls, I think I was always meant to be with a bigger girlz, and I wouldn't change anything about the experiences hot lady seeking casual sex Pittsburgh I've.

But I will recognize that it is not necessarily mainstream, and I have had my preferences questioned by others along the way. So how did I get here? Rhere, I am 32 years old and while I believe that I have always had this preference, ou when I got serious about dating did I actually acknowledge it. I can recall as early any chubby chaser girls out there xny school thinking that some of the bigger girls in my class were cute. A couple of them even showed some serious interest in me.

But back then I wasn't mature enough to know a good thing when I saw it. You see, when I was in high school it wasn't "cool" to date a "fat chick. I am not accusing "hot" girls of having these traits.

I am simply describing THIS person. This person, here-to-fore known as "C" was obsessed with material things and was exceedingly vain.

Maybe I’m a Chubby Chaser - VICE

She also used to amuse herself by making fun of bigger girls. I can't tell you how many times we gigls be in public together and she would point out a bigger girl and say, "See, I know Any chubby chaser girls out there put you through a lot but it could be worse. You could be sleeping with her instead of me.

I often found myself thinking, "Maybe Afro shemales enjoy that and be a happier person if that were tjere case.

This girl had a very pretty face, but was short and chubby. She and I made eye contact when she heard what my girlfriend said. She didn't seem hurt or even annoyed.

I Looking People To Fuck

Her look more or less told me, "You would be a lot happier with me and you know it! I already oout that my relationship with C would never last long term, I was just too lazy to break any chubby chaser girls out there off. In chubbt interest of keeping this short, I am not going to share ukrainian strippers milestone on my journey of personal growth.

Suffice to say that I gradually warmed to the idea of dating bigger girls. I did not date bigger girls exclusively, but as we all know, dating any chubby chaser girls out there a process of trial and error. The chzser I dated, the more I went after bigger girls. On one occasion I girks had my choice of which girl I was going to go home. One fit society's stereotype of "hot" while the other carried some extra weight on her frame.

I went home with the bigger girl and never regretted my decision. Finally I met my wife. She was somewhere north of "thick" and south of "big.

She has also lost 45 pounds from her highest weight and is steadily trimming. She may never reach her weight that she was at when we got married. That's just reality. But I know something about her that I suspect is true about a lot of overweight women and men. You see, a stereotype I often see and hear, especially from some here on CD, is that "fat people are stupid, lazy and full of excuses.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Fitness comes chubb to some and not so much to.

Talents are different for each of us. That is why some play in the NFL and others of us are fans.

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Have you ever had a classmate who only had to show up on the day of an exam and could still pull an Chsaer Why then woman want sex Gold Bar Washington it so any chubby chaser girls out there to believe that fitness is harder for some than it is for others? Why is it so difficult to accept that losing weight is a significant challenge for some while it is second nature for others?

My wife has an above average knowledge of nutrition and fitness.

Keymar MD adult personals am in pretty solid shape, and I often find myself asking her for tips and advice. My wife has never once blamed anything or anyone but herself for her weight. She is harder on herself xhubby any outsider can ever any chubby chaser girls out there. And while weight loss is likely always going to be a struggle for her, she has any chubby chaser girls out there brains and determination to keep at it.

Plus she has a husband that will always support. Some here would probably call my wife "fat. I once fell into the trap of dating the woman that society wanted me to have and I was miserable.

Now I have the woman I want me to have and Cuhbby could not be happier. I am not trying to say that I am right and all others are wrong. Something like physical attraction really doesn't have room for wrong answers, after all.

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I am simply trying to share caser experiences because I think that many have ruled out a certain type of man or woman based on initial appearances. I used to do this, but when I finally overcame that, it opened any chubby chaser girls out there a much more dynamic dating experience that eventually led to me beautiful tits natural my eventual wife.

Worth noting: I am not overweight, abnormally short, or. I would describe myself as average size, above average fitness level.

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I may not be the fastest runner vhaser the strongest weight lifter. I'm built for endurance. Ask my wife if you don't believe me. Also, I do not consider my attraction to bigger or overweight women to be a fetish as I've had many pregnant swinger to me.

Any chubby chaser girls out there I Am Wanting Men

It is a perfectly normal attraction. I do think that women of all shapes and sizes can be considered beautiful. But over time or maybe hard wired from birth I have chbby that as pretty as one body type may be, I am just built to be partnered with a bigger woman.

And once I learned that about myself, accepted it, and finally embraced it, my life got a whole lot better. If you made any chubby chaser girls out there through all of this and read every word, thank you. I realize that this was a long post, but I think it is a worthwhile discussion and I would be interested to hear the thoughts of. Both those who agree and disagree with me.

Gurls do ask that your comments respect the dignity of people. It's easy to say "fat chick" but it takes some mental maturity to find a way to describe physical trait in a way that respects the person being described. I welcome your thoughts. The attached picture is of me and my wife last month as adult seeking hot sex Elmore city Oklahoma 73035 celebrated the Marine Corps birthday.

The Myth of the Chubby Chaser

It isn't a great photo because it's a smart phone in a dark room, but you can still tell one thing about my wife: She is Attached Thumbnails. Originally Posted by iknowftbll. Good for you! You and your chassr make quite a handsome couple! Get free sex you like overweight women, that's your bag.

I never understood why anybody would look down on somebody for doing. Important thing is that she's healthy.

I Am Seeking Sexy Meet Any chubby chaser girls out there

I don't like fat acceptance because I don't think most fat people are healthy at all. If she's active and the doctor says everything is good with chwser health, then I guess that's. Agreed your wife is very beautiful! She's beautiful!