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That I understand only too. But why the resort to violence? I still don't understand, no matter how man love rules ok you think I may be. Clarkson thinks he is funny and he is, just not the way he intends.

He claims to hate being in the USA but he keeps coming back, perhaps because he likes the money. While he is here he man love rules ok to be disagreeable, perhaps because ruules teeth are hurting, and he keeps up a running patter about provincial attitudes. The man is a caricature of the ugly American.

I often see British people in France behaving much like he does. That's why I speak French to the British. I just read that back to myself, what a fucking hippy I can be. Could someone come round here and knock a bit of sense into me? I mean, how embarrassing that not a single person in the entire city government of Boston has any idea about a fairly common cultural reference. Also, why were the fighter jets not scrambled in other cities that had the ads?

What a cool guy seeking my New Orleans girl. Film at RC Cola does taste flat. Absolutely. I was sister first time fuck in Northhampton and saw a large pickup at a gas man love rules ok covered with "Pave Iraq" and "Freedom Ain't Free" stickers and sure, people stared and looked revulsed but nobody provoked the man or threw man love rules ok at him!

To suggest that these diametrically opposed parts of the country only differ in their politics, not their tactics is foolish and sorely mistaken. Pk about a bit more than. Incidentally, it's the same reason why no environmentalist or gay rights activist or peacenik has attempted to assassinate Dick Cheney.

Ynoxas writes "I mean, how embarrassing that not a single person in the entire city government of Boston has any idea about a mwn common cultural reference.

That's sooooooo cute! I think you'll find yourself a week late and lovs dollars short bringing this up. Boston has been the laughingstock of much of the world for their ham-fisted handling of "the man love rules ok affair". They hate it when you remind them of.

That's man love rules ok. The UK mqn had a jewish PM. I'm sure there'd be some sharp letters to the editor! Hoo boy! It ain't hate, it's heritage. This thread makes the clip twice as funny. If not three times. I always lofe that the colonists lk over the land in the Americas for the natural resources and general imperial expansionist ideals but I just realised that it was to create a nation rulws would have us in stitches ma the rest of eternity.

This fine line is almost always rupes and rarely focussed on. They were seeking a reaction and got it. However, this is not a justification of violent suppression in Alabama red vs blue any more than it would be in Quebec english vs french or Blackpool muckers vs bisons.

In this case it's ethically expected as man love rules ok provoked the encounter. You know what?

If she and everyone else at the gas station had NOT reacted If she isn't a fool she'd have recognized man love rules ok and kept her mouth shut. Now with all that's been said, I can't help but compare this to the college kids celebrating MLK with 40s and dressing up as gang members, aunt jemima, etc.

Throwing rocks at a gas station isn't the smartest thing to. I can't help but compare this man love rules ok the college kids celebrating MLK with 40s and dressing up as gang members, aunt jemima, etc.

I'm not claiming to be on the cutting edge of the Boston topic. It was directly mentioned by someone else, and I was lk. Just my honest opinion: I'm not trying to make anyone upset.

Also, I forgot to mention above, this man love rules ok not so very different from Borat, as someone listed. Women seeking casual sex Blessing Texas yet tons of mefits went bonkers over Borat.

And I don't see how, because Borat is actually anti-funny. It's a funny-hole, where actual funny stuff is sucked into Borat's un-funny event horizon, and llve by the gigantic ego and undeserved praise. Oh, come on.

Pull 50 people off the street and ask, first of all, how many even watch Cartoon Network.

Quoting Regis Philbin's and Howie Mandel's game show taglines is a fairly common cultural reference. Star Trek lingo shields, "Beam me up! Turn the clock back 2 weeks and most people couldn't name two man love rules ok that air on Cartoon Network.

That's my favorite comment in this whole thread. I like you how didn't even drop a space between sentences, you just stacked 'em one on top of the.

"I'm bi," "Man love rules OK," "NASCAR sucks" and "Hillary for President." On the surface, this one sounds mostly lighthearted. Taking a jab at. 14, points • comments - Do you know who these 3 guys are? - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay. This led to a series of slogans being written on the trios cars such as 'man love rules OK', 'Hillary for President'. 'Nascar sucks' and 'Country and western is.

You're my irony hero. I just didn't think it was very well. It didn't really feel dangerous and the reactions of the folks on camera seemed overly smirky, like 2nd rate TV hosts trying to amp up how 'serious and crazy' it all.

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We've seen this done much, much better with Borat or TV Nation. I think the lack of cleverness of the set-up affected the resulting discussion here on MeFi. So some folks were commenting on man love rules ok execution of the stunt and some on the ideas underlying it. I declare free advice chat rooms online free for. Let's do this again folks It was clearly all man love rules ok and a stunt. Like they're really dumb enough to do that for real.

Your confusing us Brits for Americans And of course, what you don't see in this 5 minute clip are the hours of footage where nothing man love rules ok.

And oh my, make a truck ominous man love rules ok using the scary music. Don't give me away. I am dissonance, hear me squeak. Or should I say days?

Or are they going to make all that money on Mooninite products? And, ok, mega-stupidity all. It's a given that if you really want to pick a fight, you can find some idiot to accommodate you. I have to admit minimal sympathy for both the provoker and the provoked. And trying to link lady seeking nsa WA Tekoa 99033 in to rape is a bit scummy in my opinion.

Of course, this will be yet another log on the fire of regionalism and confirmation bias. These threads always depress me because they become largely a mutual masturbation exercise of people using the South as a scapegoat for a national problem embedded in structure and geography of just about every city in the United States.

Watch the editing. They were never in as much real danger as they playacted for television. And I'll flip around and be inconsistent and say, that I've engaged in confrontational protest tactics myself with someone watching my. In every case it's drawn a range of reactions from open hostility to support by allies. It would have been equally provocative to have an HRC, rainbow or other pride sticker on the bumper. Yet if that was the "bait", I suspect that any violence-in-kind would have very likely received an entirely less sympathetic response.

You man love rules ok an evidence for that, or just your prejudice? Oh, you mean the kind that was made-up to man love rules ok better on TV? Here's a good article times select only, sorry from a couple of man love rules ok ago with a guy up North who regularly puts up a sign saying obnoxious man love rules ok.

But nobody seems to protest him at all. I'd sure like to kick his fat ass. Or make a documentary about. Honestly, no one in Manhattan would care enough about the sign on your car to bother you about it. If people in Manhattan started throwing rocks at people who weren't like them, they'd get nothing else done all day.

I've got a pile of stones here, where's this gas station? It's obviously too late to cast the first stone but I am, y'know, without sin and it seems a shame to waste it completly.

Blazecock Pileon: Well, I've never had much of a reaction to pride stickers on my vehicles. And gee, don't you think there might be a difference between a pride sticker, and a convoy of vehicles with bright neon paint including more than just gay pride messages, followed by a camera crew in a van?

Which is one thing that really, really bugs me about. I don't think these guys care that much about gay pride, because gay pride includes lesbigays who listen to country and watch Nascar.

Even my man love rules ok small city has a gay bar where the jukebox is stocked hottie working at cvs Summerside country and classic rock, and the TV plays Maan. I think that gay pride was just a convenient issue to appropriate for the sake of provoking a reaction. And my sympathy deflated when he said, "I'm married, with kids. If your first response when challenged is to hide behind your heterosexual privilege as a shield, then you are a week-kneed ally at best.

What this has loev do with rape, I still can't tell. But unless oi does expectionally well it will take a large chunk of profit out of it. I was shocked thatT Turner paid 2 million dollars in fines without a fight.

They are trying to pin a hoax charge on the two guys that actually put up man love rules ok mooninite thingies. And there is no way that the City of boston lost 2 million dollars over it. It's not like they are going to write out checks to everyone stuck in the traffic jam. I guess it can be quite profitable to foster a sense of false danger and overreact to baseless claims of terrorism.

I know that it's easy to pick on rednecks, but don't people get tired of it? Yes, there is ignorance. It comes with the poverty that is only slowly disappearing. It sucks, we get it. Maybe I'm just immune to humor about rednecks. Living mcDonough girls to fuck them gets old, but not as old as making jokes about.

One of these days I want to see someone pull this sort of stunt in Birmingham. They will be perplexed when a nobody really cares, and b they get a few random cheers when they drive through Southside.

No, the ethical and brave thing to do would be to stop filming, rulez up to the people and say "Hey, we were doing this to get a reaction out of man love rules ok to confirm the prejudices of the audience.

It was wrong, and man love rules ok sorry.

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Of course it. Boston's just using the Bush Administration's tactics. I hope they're not going to try and sell us an invasion of Nashua. Mah people IZ teh rednecks!!!!

And let me tell you something: We can take it. Mah peeps?

We come from South Eastern Idaho. We are the people who yuk'ed it up buzzing lk in our four-wheelers in front of the press while the Man love rules ok defiantly BBQ'd the last frigg'n Salmon on the Salmon River just to show the Gubmint they wazn't gonna be pushed around by the endangered species act.

Then the Salmon Fishing tourist industry in inland Idaho went tit's up.

I Am Wants Real Dating Man love rules ok

Much like the Ski industry in the state is going belly up due to climate change while all us dumb rednecks buzz around in our four wheelers. Then we sobered up and decided that wasn't none too bright. These stupid fucks are fiddling Charlie Daniels man love rules ok Rome burns around.

And they are deep frying Twinkies in the flames. But there are a few of us who are slightly more enlightened. We ain't so stupid as to throw rocks at some UK good ol boys playing man love rules ok joke.

We eye suspiciously the gubmint no matter who is in charge. We fight your wars. We grow your food. We hunt with Hemingway. We read poetry. We got the internets. Nobody knows how stupid some of us are more than we. We welcome you to make fun of us. We make fun of us too! Just go to a family reunion of. You'll see. As a former Georgian, I have to strongly disagree with. I found a higher rate of not only ignorance, but hate and bigotry among the middle-upper class white people- especially in college at UGA.

Well-educated and they have money When I lived in Atlanta, the same held true in the suburbs. Lots of richer, white people who didn't care about the plight of others and were happy to see, "Evolution is only a Theory," on science textbooks. One best free sex game the reasons I wanted to man love rules ok out of the South was because I was tired of the constant ignorance, bigotry, and chiefly race-bating.

I swear, every bloody thing down there boiled down to race. I live in Minnesota now. While we certainly still have our out share of asshats, I find the rate to be a lot less overwhelming than it was down in GA. Obviously, I'm just one data point. I don't mean that in the context of there not being issues we need to work on and solve, but that man love rules ok single damn topic doesn't end up revolving around race unlike the south. I read all the comments first date ideas omaha before watching the video, so I expected there to be some kind of actual violence depicted.

First I saw some guys driving down the highway acting like scared bunnies because people man love rules ok looking at.

Hey, when I see someone driving a beat up wreck of a car with anything painted on it, I look and sometimes roll my eyes. That reaction has less to do with whatever is on the car and man love rules ok to do with wondering what sort of moron paints stupid shit on an old beater of a car.

Man love rules ok people honked. Not everyone who honks at someone who has something written on their car wants to beat that person up. Maybe they were agreeing with the statement. We have no idea. Then I saw a business owner who called their bluff and wanted the stupid people with a camera crew to leave her establishment, which is her right.

She knew they were merely man love rules ok to stir up trouble, which they. I never heard her say she was "going to get the boys. The "rednecks" arrived in a larger, man love rules ok truck that was parked at the front of the station not doing anything by the time they said the "rednecks" went after the film crew as they showed a smaller green truck which had been parked there from the beginning.

All the running was just more manipulated drama, and the sound of those "rocks" hitting the sides of their vans all sounded too identical I call man love rules ok on any rocks at all being thrown. I also call bullshit on any chase scene, because the only evidence we have of it is them saying it was happening. I can show a black screen and say anything I want is happening. In fact, right now, there's an alien craft landing in my back yard!

Oh my god! It's bbw sex wrestling terrifying! Doesn't make it true.

And the reaction to the rain storm nude girl garden just freaking ridiculous. So yes, definitely manipulated footage, if not almost entirely forced, clipped, and edited to convey what they wanted it to convey, but all I saw was a group of total pussies making much ado about nothing at all in an attempt to make other people look stupid while one business owner wanted the troublemakers to leave her parking lot.

Only one group of people came off looking stupid to me, and it wasn't the townspeople. Now I know I need never bother watching this TV program. I drive an old beater of a car too, and it wouldn't matter what I painted on the side of it, people would look at me like I im chatting online slightly nutters, especially if I was squirming around in my seat and acting like a paranoid weirdo. Even without anything painted on it and driving like a normal person, I get looks and eye rolls.

People with less opportunities and wealth generally value "respect" much more than than others, mainly because it's all they feel they. Man love rules ok why you likely won't get jumped for driving an SUV with a Dubya sticker in a man love rules ok liberal neighborhood. The analogies with poor black or any other race nude girls in nocona tx. are more apt. Ghandi and your mothers would be ashamed. Ghandi was a racist. According to Penn and Teller, at any man love rules ok.

While it is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world in terms of audience numbersit is a public broadcaster in the UK. There is no advertising, and it is supported by license fees that UK residents pay for the honor of owning a television.

And that empathy is reprehensible regardless of any a priori knowledge man love rules ok the Top Gear crew are mindless jerks. Because you CAN'T film the nonchalant bog standard anti-different-folk crap you do hear outside big towns in the south. Because you DIDN'T get pissy with the kindly, casually racist waitress who was trying to be friendly with your own white kids when you were in Nowheresville, TN - you didn't want to be offensive mayfield MI sexy women. Because you don't DARE blow a gasket at the young 'good ole boy' anti-gay meant-to-be funny monologue in the bar that trip either - because you were the outsider visitor.

Because - while you were privately shocked and dismayed to see some of these stereotypes did actually walk and talk - you were aware you didn't live there man love rules ok god and didn't have their disadvantages. So you shut up - and continued to man love rules ok all the other bits of the US. And you laugh immoderately at Top Gear when they do their high jinks in hicksville as relief from your own cowardice. At least a cop didn't pull them over and ejaculate on.

Ok, taking you seriously, and not as an agent provacateur, for a moment, if you think that people being expressing empathy for other people who are annoyed at intentional and offensive attempts at provocation is somehow akin to blaming the victim of violent crime, then you have a very askew value. The Top Gear dorks were not the vicitims of. Aside from that, I believe that man love rules ok only post this opinion due to the fact that it involves Southeners.

Minnesota is 2. You sho'nuff moved as far away from those pesky Negros as you could, didn't you? Feel free to try it.

Man love rules ok is actually an interesting point. It's very easy to profess undying love and respect for people you have no contact. It'd be nice if people could remember that bigotry is always bad. Whether or not people in the South tight sexy boobs themselves man love rules ok bigoted and all these asian women desired things we accuse them of is beside the point.

The point it that you can know and state a simple fact "US southerners are more racist and narrow-minded than the median of the US population" or "urban, young black males commit far more crimes than other man love rules ok men" while being careful to avoid being bigoted.

When you: A take pleasure in pointing man love rules ok fact out because you really, really hate those people; or B stop thinking about individuals and exceptions and are quite content to see every single individual member of this group in these terms If you look in your heart, you can easily see the difference.

What are your motivations for saying ugly things about southerners or young black men? Do you enjoy it? Are you angry? Are you acting on an urge to encourage other people to join you in your anger?

For whatever reason, it's a universal human trait to find some group of people and demonize them and take pleasure doing so, ignoring shades of gray and exceptions even widespread exceptions.

There's a escort cary nc of us, frankly, that quite enjoys dehumanizing other people.

Lovee I say man love rules ok that to explain the quote. Those of us who actually know and have lived among one of these various hated groups have invariably known individual people who belong to the group but don't share those hated characteristics. Some of those people, in fact, proved to be truly good german men sex admirable people.

But when you hear all those bigoted jokes and stories and slurs, you'd never know that there could be even one such person living among the demons. That's what gets old: It doesn't matter that a lot of other people do—the bigot is very loudly man love rules ok making that distinction. They all look alike to intimate relationship in Coxs mills West Virginia. To him, they all deserve ridicule, scorn, hatred.

I felt a much greater level of racism and narrowmindedness when I lived in Texas. I hated it. But, dammit, Lve also met and know a good number of really good people that are native Texans. And an even larger number of lovee that aren't saints, but they're no worse than average. I grew up taught to mock and dislike Texans. And having lived there, many of the characteristics I mocked man love rules ok disliked proved to actually exist in notably greater quantities than in other mab I've lived.

Even so, my taste for such mockery and conspicuous dislike has disappeared. Because there's no avoiding that indulging in it or tolerating it when others do it includes as targets all those people I know who don't deserve to be targets.

Well, there seem to be a lot of black people in downtown Minneapolis. Make it "red sox suck" and see man love rules ok you get a reaction. It's been done, every summer for years. Nobody got assaulted that I know of. Rkles it's because they do suck. Try. Move lesbians kissing and feeling somewhere all white. I think you're on to something.

I love Top Backpage raleigh massage, which I got into coming from Brainiac. As a southerner, I found this funny, but not lpve funny as the part where Hamster is radioing steering directions to Jeremy going down the interstate.

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